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8topuz was founded from a deep understanding of the financial market and an interest in automating trading activity based on risk management.

The initial trading software was developed to underpin our own trading strategies as an automated risk management solution.

Seeing clearly visible opportunities we developed the system into a fully-fledged automated trading software solution which could be used by traders to minimise risk in their trading activity.

Over time we have integrated our own AI algorithm which now helps the software work at an even higher quality, delivering consistent results for users.

Why 8topuz?

Pronounced: "Octopuz"

8topuz  provides an Intelligent, supervised, multi-layered,
AI Trading Software system that learns and adapts according to its environment. 

All Brokers MT4

Apply to any broker’s MT4 account.

Different Asset Classes

Our technology can be applied to different markets.

Fully Automated

All our trading solutions are fully automated.

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How to get started?

Historical Performance

Take a look at our Historical performance, audited by the respected McMillan Woods.  

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Current 8topuz clients are obtaining an average 2 to 4% monthly return on investment using our AI algorithms. We excel in helping investors and traders benefit from having a proprietary neural network that can recognize patterns and predict and react to future events. Our approach to working with AI puts humans firmly in the middle, here expert traders and coders mitigate risks and unpredictable outcomes.

8topuz is Audited by:

mcmillan woods audit