Coronavirus v 8topuz

Where to start? It's causing utter havoc!

The whole world seems to be going into meltdown. It's taking lives, causing stock markets to plummet, airlines are having to cancel flights left right and centre and it's even caused face masks to start selling out in the UK and globally.

Is this the end of the world as we know it? Or just another issue that's potentially being blown out of proportion by the media?

Our money is on the latter.

Especially when you break down the numbers and see there’s only a 1% chance of dying from coronavirus if you contract it.

Anyway, amongst all the negative news and mass hysteria it’s causing with the public, there’s something fairly positive that has managed to come from it.

That positive news is 8topuz managed to ride the wave and still record a positive gain for the month of February. There's certainly not many other types of investment vehicles that were able to do that in February!

In a market where most traders and investors are losing money, 8topuz still managed to record a 1.35% gain in February for our clients. That might not sound a largely impressive return, (our average is 3.6% per month). However when you look at the stock markets and see that the Dow and S&P 500 recorded losses of 12%, it's pretty impressive news and highlights the remarkable work of our AI algorithms.

As an artificial intelligence and machine learning provider, which consists of experienced traders and algorithmic systems, we employ an effective mixture of human knowledge, discretionary trading, artificial intelligence and oversight (perfect for when we are hit with unusual news or global meltdowns), our system helps members cut risk, increase profits and simplify investment decisions by letting our software effectively do the work.

Essentially, we're able to consistently record positive gains for our clients through our proprietary neural network being able to recognise patterns and predict and react to future events. That said, our approach to working with AI puts humans firmly in the middle, allowing our expert traders and coders to mitigate risks and unpredictable outcomes.

Given how emotional people can be when it comes to investing and trading, we believe that removing emotion from the process of trading and automating trading activity through an AI algorithm is the way to go to deliver consistent results.

Especially when you factor in that the stats show about 75% of all manual FX trades are on the losing side….you can start to see why an AI solution may be a better fit for your investment needs.

Our software has been running for the last three years and has recorded consistent results in that time. That's why we're happy to offer a 30-day demo account access to the system so you can easily see what is happening with the AI-based algorithm within a monthly period and get a true feel of how it all works.

So, if you would rather be cracking open a Corona, sitting back and letting AI algorithms grow your money, then 8topuz may just be for you.