How You Can Consistently Beat The Markets Using Automated AI Trading Software




I am pretty sure you are aware that every time you trade you lose money?

With each typical online trade, 3 sneaky little money thieves dip into your pocket and snatch a little profit:

– you will pay a commission to the broker
– you will need to pay a spread on the entry and exit price of each trade
– you will also pay a spread on your margin interest

Damn, this trading is costly isn’t it?

So, what I am about to reveal is a seriously amazing bit of advice that will save you the most precious things known to man.

Time, money and one more thing...unnecessary Stress!

If you already trade the markets, you will know that an instant way to lose money is to open and close positions using a high-frequency trading (HFT) strategy, (as fast as your fingers and systems can work that is).

Sure there are professional and experienced traders who have successful strategies, though it only takes a little poking around to see that they have worked for a long time to get to that enviable position, often with a lot of hair loss, lost money and near nervous breakdowns to boot!

Any experienced trader will tell you that each closed position allows a sneaky little money thief to take a bit of your profit.

And when the stats show that about 75% of all trades are on the losing side….you can start to see why so many people struggle to make manual FX trading work for their investment needs.

So, is this the time to give up on Forex trading?

One of the strategies that certain traders like to perfect is the HFT (high-frequency trading) system, but done manually, this system is pretty much impossible, and if attempted means you are working more like a robot.

And let’s be honest why would anyone take pleasure from doing the job of a boring old robot…open, analyse, close, open, analyse, close, open, analyse, close…repeat at lighting speed….no chance!

RSI and brain explosion coming soon!

So playing the high-frequency trading game (as fast as any human can) is a strategy that you are always at an instant loss from the very start and if you can stand the heat, stress, and potential for RSI you may make it work for you, in the long run.

But be aware that on every one of the many trades you make you’re going to take a number of losses before you make your profit, since you will pay a fixed spread on the entry and exit price and then an agreed commission, so those fees will triple before you even see your profit.

It’s clear then that the losses we incur as traders will increase in relation to the number of trades we make.
So, put simply the more often you trade, the larger the profits you will need just to break-even and ensure those pesky money thieves who are there to snipe at your gains are not impacting your investment growth goals.

There is no wonder that so many beginner traders give up after heavy losses.

Sure, some stick it out and create elaborate systems to help them ensure that they are playing the long game and beating the markets more than losing, the thing is anyone in the professional trading game will know that getting to that stage of consistent profits takes serious money, time, energy, commitment and lots of learning and months, if not years of testing.

Do you really have the time and deep pockets to do all that work?

What if you could just add your desired investment amount into an automated AI-based high-frequency trading software that had audited ROI of 2-4% per month (24-48% per year)…and did all the hard work for you!

Have I just given you a big sigh of relief and some hope that you can trade the markets without all the hassle?

Good, because what I am about to make you aware of is at the cutting edge of AI, FinTech and machine-based learning, and directly helps people like you invest in the FX markets with a system that offers a stable ROI without all the hassle.

Who is behind this trading software revolution?

Introducing 8topuz (pronounced Octopuz), a European, award-winning FinTech company that has developed a 10 year back-tested, AI-based trading software with a proven 3-year audited ROI of between 2-4% monthly average.


Did someone just say ditch the banks!?

So how can you tap into such a system?

  • Do you need to be a trader?
  • Do you need to know the markets?
  • Are you able to manage the software yourself?

We know there are many questions surrounding new tools and ideas so here are a few questions that are so often asked about this automated trading solution.

1) Do you need to be a trader?

Not at all, our clients include traders, institutions and portfolio managers who see the huge value of an audited AI-based trading software solution.

You do however need to open a broker account where your segregated funds will be kept safe with one of our trusted, regulated partners so we can integrate our plugin (software) to your MT4 trading account allowing us to trade on your behalf.

Do not worry we will handhold you all the way if any of that sounds new or a little alien to you.

2) What is the minimum deposit amount to get started?

Typically, we only allow a minimum deposit of $10k USD as the system needs to see volume in trading to be effective due to the way our AI-based machine-learned algorithm works, but we also have a PAMM option which allows you to work with other investors in a collective pool.

3) Can I get a demo account?

Yes, we offer rolling 30-day access to the system so you can easily see what is happening with the AI-based algorithm within a monthly period and get a true feel of how it all works.

4) I am still a bit confused by the value of the 8topuz service and have more questions

No worries, it’s not always that easy to understand, your simple solution to start your alternative investment journey is to sign up for our E-Book on AI investing and get our audited monthly performance data for the past 3 years and schedule a call to speak to one of our trained FinTech AI specialists who will guide you on all aspects of the service.

For the Techies:

The 8topuz AI Algorithm, has been running for the last 3 years, using a proprietary neural network that analyses market’s depth and looks for patterns of pre-set mathematical models (such as fractals, chaos and waves) that allows it to understand and forecast market’s trends on a real-time basis (in fact it is a trending program).

The neural network is supervised, multi-layered and composed by variable nodes, meaning:

By feeding the network with pre-set data, the system creates its own real-time strategies to achieve the established objectives.

In only milliseconds, our system can choose the most appropriate strategy among more than 30,000 options in every single market  condition.

The network’s main tasks are as follows:

Pattern recognition.

Process optimization, and Signal validation and information processing.

Usage of analysed market intelligence and troubleshooting:

If the system identifies a trend which is not followed by the market, our software applies a counter-strategy to solve the situation  on a real-time basis, adapting to the new scenario.

During this non-stop analysis, research and optimization process, all new movements and patterns are stored to be used in up-coming  scenarios, helping solve future market situations.

Hence, it learns from its own mistakes and successfully solves the problems posed.

Ready to join the AI trading revolution?