Careers in Fintech

We are seeking people who want to enter or grow their current career in the Fintech sector.
Joining 8topuz will give you an amazing opportunity to build your career.

Our Mission:

Be part of the 8topuz culture of hard work and professionalism and join a company with a mission to enhance and build the future of AI FinTech Trading and Investing

Cutting Edge

Be part of something new and exciting. The world of FinTech is growing and you can too with a career at 8topuz.

Company Culture

8topuz has a diverse and supportive company culture allowing individuality to shine while building a strong team spirit and positive work ethic and life-balance

Current 8topuz Vacancies

Enter the exciting world of FinTech with an award winning AI Trading Software company

Fintech AI Specialist

 MQL IDE Developer 

Perks and Benefits

Competitive Salary

We offer highly competitive remuneration to employees

Monthly outings

We offer fully paid holidays in line with industry standards

Monthly Outings

Enjoy some fun and rewards with the team here at 8topuz

Targeted Bonuses

8topuz provides targeted bonuses to incentivize