Grow Your Wealth With AI

8topuz offers an easy to access AI-based automated investment system to effectively help you grow your wealth regardless of your knowledge in trading.

Let 8topuz take the hard work out of investing so you can achieve more.

Why choose 8topuz to grow your wealth?

The Pioneers of AI Based Automated Investing

Here at 8topuz our mission is simple. To help investors and non-investors grow their wealth with a fully automated AI-based trading system that is both easy to set up and requires no management. The only decision you need to make is whether to compound or withdraw

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types of RETAIL client

Start Today, For a Better

  • Perfect for people with minimal investing knowledge and no trading experience whatsoever

How we help:
Offering the 8topuz AI system to ‘the masses’ (retail) is a mission we are ultra-proud of.

Because for far too long there have been limited options to help people grow their money without having to learn how to trade or seek out costly and prohibitive investment options and advice with various levels of risk. We realized that most people want a simple and effective investing option that puts them in control but does not require any effort to maintain or manage.
Plus the ability to set up and start has zero fees and will be fully implemented by our team.
Traders and investors who want an alternative way to trade that requires zero effort and provides consistent results choose 8topuz.


Long-Term Thinking

When investing it is important to think long-term.

While we achieve up to 3.7% per month, it is the full monthly period that is important to consider, as our system will typically win rather than lose trades over this period as our software works within the markets to produce an overall positive ROI each month.

The most impressive statistic however is our past years results, where we accumulate all our average performance together over the year, this figure currently stands at around 40% ROI Per year.

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Calculate Your ROI

Use our handy calculator to see how 8topuz can help you grow your wealth


Are there any risks with the system?


No investment comes without some risk attached, the honest truth is that our system manages risk as part of its core feature, that does not mean we do not lose trades, what it means is that we are able to manage that risk with typically more wins over the course of a period of time.

The key is to not set your risk appetite option too high and be able to sit back and take a birds eye view of your investment over a longer period where you can see the gains you make incrementally rather than each and every trade our system executes on your behalf

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How to get Started

Choose your product (we have 3 starting from only $500 initial deposit)
Open or link your chosen broker account (so we can apply our AI software)
Sit back and let our AI system do the hard work of trading for you



Based on Avg ROI 1.6% Monthly

Data period 2020 - Present

Perfect solution for anyone wanting an alternative investment solution, focused on a risk management basis.



Based on Avg ROI 2-3% Monthly

Data period 2016 - Present

Great for investors who want to diversify their portfolio and enter the world of automated AI software solutions.



Coming Soon

Q1 2021

The choice for serious investors and institutional clients who want an alternative investment option to grow.

Current 8topuz clients are obtaining an average 2 to 4% monthly return on investment using our AI algorithms. We excel in helping investors and traders benefit from having a proprietary neural network that can recognize patterns and predict and react to future events. Our approach to working with AI puts humans firmly in the middle, here expert traders and coders mitigate risks and unpredictable outcomes.