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Company History


Company history

8topuz Consulting is 15 years in finance consulting business, started by two enthusiasts with a passion for artificial inteligence trading systems.

It grew to a team of 20 Software developers and ex-traders from Tier1 Banks. And this is just the start!

  • 2001. Building the foundations

    What started as a dream, suddenly became reality. The beginning of programming and associating the patterns of behaviour to Trading.

  • 2010. First expansion

    In 2008. 8topuz team expanded their team with four finance consulting experts. As there were more and more complex projects we needed right people to do the job. It was worth it!

  • 2015. Last version of Software is implemented

    In 2015. we have finally released the last version of our Trading Algorithm - the result of many years of study and research. With many contacts in the Fx Industry, we've developed several partnerships and we've been assisting my institutional and professionals investors with reliable information and accurate market analysis across different sectors.

  • 2018. Leading finance consulting company

    8topuz Consulting become awarded international consulting company and a leader in it’s field. We developed into powerful company based upon best finance consulting specialists and powerful global connections and partnerships. Our Artificial Intelligence software is being distinguished by several experts in the field, and used currently by different Investment Funds.